Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Buck Nekkid

Aha! did I get your attention?  Anyway, I just got an email from an friend of mine, Rita, over at Adventures of Cinderita about a photographer friend of hers who does very tasteful  photo shoots for women with no clothes on.  No, the photographer wears clothes silly, YOU have no clothes on.  Meaning, you are naked!!  The whole purpose is to have freedom to 'look good naked'' whatever your body type or your conversation about your body is.  I have never done something like this before and to be honest, not sure if I would. Rita wrote a really great post on her blog about her experience doing this a few years ago.

Would you do something like this, or have you already?  Why/Why not?


  1. Cool Jodi. Thank you.

    And just to clarify, the photographer in this situation does boudoir photos so lingerie and other accessories are more than welcome. So you don't have to be naked.

    And my experience was also a bit different. This was a photographer working on a project called "This is Beautiful" which was to showcase women of all shapes, sizes and colours to show that beauty is more than just super models. So again different from what this photographer is doing.

    And so you know, I signed up. I can't wait to do photos like that. Not for anyone else but me, and what a fun way to express my own beauty. To embrace all that is me. As you know, I've come a long way in that area of my life and this is a way to celebrate that.

    And Jodi...never say never. I know Fiance would love a photo or two of you looking sensual..hmm...wait a second..what was that you said last night???


  2. I think I would do it, as long as it was done it very good taste, and I had SOMETHING on:)

    And....YES YES YES to your question about me helping you with some jewelry choices dollie....I can either go back to your outfit posts here...or you can send me a few pics of blouse, sweaters, etc....I think it will be fun!!

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  3. Hey Rita.. I didnt say I would NEVER do it.. I said I have never DONE it :) am thinking about it though.. perhaps I wear only the leopard scarf!! lol

    Collette baby.. how bout you just take a look at what I usually wear, so you have an idea of my general style and come up with jewelry ideas that you think could suit me overall.. then I can go out and buy them :)... oh this is going to cost me more money isnt it!! hah hah... This will be FUN

  4. I've always thought nude photos would be fun...with carefully placed knees and hands and feet and what not..haha..do the ones I take for my hubby count? hahahaha

    As for where I'm moving...it's 13hrs North...Chetwynd BC...the middle of nowhere...it shall be interesting...Hubby has already been there 6 months...so it's about time we get to join him!

  5. I wouldn't do it because its just not me. This reminds me of the movie Titanic the part where the guy is painting the girl (forget names) she is naked i think and its very artistic but i still wouldn't... what would i do with it anyway hang it in my house? not really.

  6. lol.. I know what you mean Keira.. I wouldnt exactly put the pic on my wall.. unless in the bedroom and would have to be a pic with ie. like Natasha says, with knees, arms, hair carefully placed.. or a big bed sheet.. hah hah

  7. I have never done something like this! It does present the problem in the modern age that future employers could Google your name and end up with naked photos of you... which does not do well for looking professional. I am trying to not hide in my clothing all the time, though, and spend some normal time naked... if that makes sense at all.

  8. When I was young and broke I modeled nude for local photographers and art classes and 3 colleges. It does desexualize the form and make you more aware of angles and light and shapes and proportion - all things that come in handy while dressing! I never really had any hangups about it, and still don't. My body is many things, but mostly it's just a vehicle for my brain.

  9. I think I would do it, mostly because in my culture nudity is not celebrated and sometimes even scoffed upon. But for some reason ever since I was a child I had perceived a naked woman's body as the most beautiful thing in the whole world. And no I am not lesbian either. lol

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  10. Hey Mitzi.. I would definately NOT have these kind of photos sent to anyone electronic.. holy smokes.. that wouldn't be a good scenario! Facebook has sure opened up the ability to find out about people hasn't it!!