Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daily Outfit: It's green back there

16 days until Ironman.  I was thinking about that as I walked to work this morning, listening to the seagulls fly about.  We are lucky enough to live 1 block from the ocean.  I'm not smiley in photos, that I am clear about and I don't seem to have a natural smile. That is, if someone says "smile" I breakout with something that comes across more as a scowl.  If someone catches me off guard, then my photos seem better.  I guess I need to try to replicate the "off guard" look.  This skirt was in the bag of stuff labeled "take to thrift store" and I pulled it out and decided to alter it so I spent last night sewing. I shortened it and took it from being an on-the-hip skirt to an-around-the-waist one.  I even got fancy enough to take out the zipper and put it back in. Bravo for me.  Thats one of the best things my mom taught me, was to sew.


  1. love the background..and i laughed out loud at your "I don't have a natural smile" thing. Reminds me of Chandler from Friends when they were taking engagement photos...So awesome! Love love LOVE the colours you're using!

  2. pfffft so jealous you live that close to the ocean!!! I would love to have that convenience of escape to the beach..

    Love how the blues in your outfit compliment each other (as well as the backdrop!). that skirt is so cute.