Friday, August 13, 2010

Daily Outfit: Bat Girl

So the neighbours must think I am really self absorbed as they see me walk around the neighbourhood in the morning with my tripod and camera and then take multiple photos of myself.   I am  thinking of different things I can tell them: " Oh, I'm working on a photography assignment", as if I am some fancy-smanchy art student.. I think they wouldnt believe me...
It's so cool to get comments from people in other places like Texas.  That is WAY cool actually- that blogs can connect people all over the world.  Thanks for you comment Diya and all I can say is WOW do you ever dress up and wear cool clothes!!!  We are so casual here on the west coast that I  think I would be laughed at if I dressed so stylish around here.  It really gets me thinking about what other kinds of clothes to wear that can take it up a notch.   The journey to funk it up is exactly that- a journey.  I am writing out my wish list for my trip to San Francisco so will for sure include some visits to funky shops.  YES, I will visit Macys (Rita, let me know if you want anything!!).  Off to work and then a 2km swim at the lake tonight.  Happy Friday from Bat Girl.  Up Up and AWAAAAAAYYYY.

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  1. Oh my word! How did I miss this one?? Love the colours! I think you being more creative is pleasing to me. Keep doing it! lol...