Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wrap Around Me

Someone left the camera on manual focus... hmmm wonder who that could have been. OH DARN it was ME!!  So my photos are creatively artistic today :)
I love wrap dresses and hardly wear this one. I got inspired to pull my dresses out and start wearing them.

This is from when I changed the lens to the prime lens.. somehow the photo is in focus (by mistake obviously ha ha).
The gal that works with me in the office said " OH, you look nice today. You must have a power meeting or something...".  No, I replied. Just time to wear the dresses I have :)

My stylish inspector Gadget jacket.  

AND  I can't wait to show you the fitted blazer I found today!!!  I have never been able to find a blazer that suits/looks good on me and this one is perfect!!  I think I got good luck from Sheila or something. The fashion gods are acknowledging me for making good purchases this weekend or something.  I can hardly wait to show you this blazer. Now I have something to pull out when I need it for those kinds of meetings!!

Hope you all had a super day especially since it's hump day and all.  Sorry if I made your eyes hurt with my blurry  photos.


  1. If you found a fabulous blazer, don't wait! Wear it!

    I love this wrap shape on you - nice call on the red pop of colour. The trench is classic, too - the shorter length makes you all Legs McGee (a good thing!).

  2. I adore this look and that rocking trench. Cannot wait to see the blazer.

    That is too funny about the photos. I also have the same problem and then have to blame it on my assistant, the pug. Not that she cares.