Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tweed and Blue

You've heard this rant before. Me and pants just don't get along. How annoying.  I am plagued with never finding pants that fit me properly.  I don't mind this length since I can wear with boots and don't have to worry about the length too much.

It's been FREEZING here lately so its been abit tricky finding the right outfit that I can also commute by bike with.  I just want to be bundled up in wool socks and about 4 layers of sweaters. Then I look like the Michelin Man :(   Oh well. Sometimes fashion has to take a backseat.

Can't wait for this weekend. I'm heading off to an island for the weekend with 2 of my running friends and we have 2 full days of trail running planned. We're all training for some big ultra running races coming up so have to get alot of hard training in so we are well prepared.  Will share photos next week.

Have a super day!


  1. Sorry about the pants. I'm not competent to give fashion advice, just share some sympathy. Have fun running!

    1. Hi again! I mention you on my blog today. Just sayin' so you'll be prepared for the media onslaught... :-)