Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Wear. What to wear for a figure 8

Well hello, I chose to write a post even though I don't have an outfit to show.  I must say I'm feeling frustrated with the fashion trend right now.  Maybe I just need to go out for fun and try on a whole bunch of stuff that I normally would never try on.  Not sure. I see all these new styles and none of them seem designed for someone athletic and with curves.

Instead, there are boxy cut and cable knit sweaters.
Balloon style harem pants.
Ankle boots.
Baggie style mens shirts.
Floaty and flowy tops and skirts.

I need fitted, defined pieces otherwise I look and feel completely frumpy.

Any suggestions as to what new pieces out there may suit my body type (curvy, figure 8).

Wish I had the courage to just dress  like Edith Prickly (above). My hero :)


  1. You need a Mongolian sheep (faux-) fur vest, my friend. I have one in a size Large, worn only once for ten minutes during a photo-shoot. Want me to pass it along? :-)

    1. LOL... I love those AND I would look like Chewbacka from Starwars in a number like that.. .hah hah unless of course I could wear it with a belt :)

  2. Style isn't about following fashion - it's about taking what's available that works for you, and creating your own look.

    I like the boxy sweaters...with a pencil skirt! Do a flowy top, tucked into a skinny pant. Do ankle boots with a fitted sheath dress (tone your tights to the boots) for a mod look.

    Also, I reiterate - we should go shopping! I can help you! :)

    1. Sheila.. you are spot on about fashion and I totally agree with you... I'll email you and lets set up a shopping date.. I've been gone most weekends trail running-- will soon have more time to shop :) Happy weekend!!

  3. Ahhh....good old Edith! : P

    Sheila would be a great shopping partner and has a smaller but similar build as yours, curvy so she would really know how to dress you.

    I, like you, feel I can't pull off flowy fabrics. Having curves means if you let it flow out and people can't see your waist it is visually filled in with fat. That is why I'm often wearing form fitting clothing, or at the very least, something that shows my waist.

    I hope you manage to set up a shopping date : )