Monday, July 27, 2015

Coral and Crazy Skirt

Happy Monday. Looks like some gremlins got into my camera on the weekend-- After downloading these I see  the ISO is cranked WAY up by mistake so you get scratchy vintagey looking photos today.

The blogger meetup was this weekend which was awesome but I'm going to write a proper post about this specifically.  Right now we have to quickly clean the house and get everything organized for some company thats coming.  This skirt drives me nuts every time I wear it because its so narrow at the bottom. I have to walk up the stairs sideways Stoopid design.  I feel sorry for the ladies who had to wear these all the time in the older days.

Hope you had a super weekend lovelies!!


  1. Hi Jodi! It was lovely meeting you on Friday, although it was an all too brief 'hello'. Hope to meet with you again in your neck of the woods next time!

    I love, love that shade of coral! The skirt looks beautiful, but...yeh...if stairs are an issue, well, that can't be good.

  2. This is weird but true -- looking at your blog now, after I've met you, is different. I can "see" you more. Not just physically (3D vs. 2D) but in other important ways. I can hear your voice when you write; I understand your ideas now that I know some of your history and current life. It's cool. As much as I liked you before, now I like you even more!

  3. You look lovely in coral and very chic in this entire outfit. I may not do chic myself, but I know it when I see it! It was so lovely to meet you on Friday and I wish I had known you weren't going to be there on Saturday so I could have said goodbye. :-)