Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Fashion Failure

Another day of hideousness. I am on a roll right now.  GAWD.  Another blouse I bought a couple of years ago. I pulled it out and thought I would wear something other than black for  change (lets try blue).  I thought it would look cute. Come home. Take my photo. EGAD!  If only I had time to take photos BEFORE going out in public.  On another note, I thought my daffodils looked cute on the kitchen table so you get a photo of that :)

This one goes into the thrift store pile. Unless one of you wants it?

Happy Monday.


  1. Not everyone can wear those blouses with all the rows of elastic at the hip line, but YOU can! The blue color is wonderful on you. Maybe if you'd undo a couple of the buttons at the neckline, and wore maybe a short, silver, chain-like necklace and added a silver cuff or series of bangle bracelets, you'd LIKE the look. It's not a hideous look...just needs a bit of relaxing and tweaking (my humble opinion)! And isn't it nice to have some lovely daffodils on the table at this time of year? You've inspired me to head out on a mission to find some!

  2. I agree that the colour is beautiful but the style? Not-so-much.

    On the up side your legs look a million miles long. I have a feeling that is because they are. Lucky duck!