Thursday, November 6, 2014

HIppie Skirt

This skirt was crazy today. It was really windy out so when I rode my bike to work and home it flew up into the air and I looked like a crazy lady riding around in my underwear. How fun!! hah hah.
4 day countdown to haircut day.  CAN'T WAIT!!

Is there anything you are looking forward to this week/weekend?


  1. LOL! I was just telling a similar story at work today. I was riding and my skirt just flipped straight up, flashing the oncoming cars. It was horrible, but I just laughed. I love your hippie skirt!

  2. What a lovely outfit. I like the top a lot.

    I know how disconcerting an unruly skirt can be, especially when one is physically active in public (like you and Gracey are), but I really wish I could have that experience. On a dare, I once rode my motorcycle in public wearing a pink tutu and having to fuss with it is one of my fondest memories.