Wednesday, October 15, 2014


After my rant about not liking cardigans I go and buy this sweater. Go Figure!! This actually reminds me of a style I wore back in the 90's- the long sweater and matching leggings (mine assemble was hot pink) AND I had BIG hair and BIG earrings to match.  A bit of the Madonna carry over I guess :(

I actually like this sweater and thought it looked quite clean and classic. Gotta wear it quick to important meetings before it gets covered in white cat hair!

My stance in the last photo looks like I just came from riding a horse.  BOW LEGS.. hah hah how NOT to pose :)

What fashion items do you still wear that are carry overs from past era's?

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  1. Classic, indeed. Answering your question, I just wore a new vintage dress and blogged about it. I don't have much vintage clothing so it was a nice experience.