Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Leather Skirt

I got sassy and wore one of my leather skirts to work. AND with bare legs- I'm still squeezing out the days that I can wear bare legs.  I actually got quite a few compliments on this outfit so guess it worked out okay.  I felt official yet stylish, sassy yet smart.

I'm also trying to get more outdoor photos again.  It's hard to find discrete places and unless I have my car at work its a bit of a challenge these days.   Other musings.. well, time for a hair cut and I'm super excited because my awesome hair dresser is finally back from maternity leave.  She's so awesome and I can't wait to catch up with her soon and hear all about her new life as a mom.

How long have you been seeing your hairdresser? Do you have a great relationship with him/her?


  1. Grrr!! When I heard you were wearing a leather skirt, I rushed over. And you don't disappoint. Great look. Professional and powerful.

    I had the same barber for over twenty years. He cut hair in the same barbershop that my father worked in when he came to this country. I'd still be going to him but, sadly, he retired. I see him around town and we chat. He's living the easy life now.

  2. black knee-high boots would make this outfit even more killer. Being a tall woman myself, i know that skirts that are shorter than knee-length may come off a little risque in some professional environments, so boots would, in my opinion, make this outfit perfect

    1. great suggestion, thanks, I will for sure try that and that would also allow me to extend this look later into the season as well- much appreciated :)

  3. hi

    why don't you wear this leather skirt anymore?
    you're so classy