Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pink and Red

 I remember my mom seeing a lady downtown dressed in Pink and Red and she said "I can't believe she's wearing pink and red together".  I actually thought it looked pretty good but still carried this impression that somehow you just WEREN'T supposed to do that! Well. Then I go into a store and see a pattern that is made up of exactly those colors mixed.  Anyway...

So I like to wear skirts and pants with higher waistlines because I am broad in the hips and this helps to draw attention to my waist versus my hips.  In light of Shybiker's recent post on dressing for your body type I was wondering what tricks do YOU use to emphasize or minimize the shape of your body?


  1. Thanks for the mention, bud. You dress exceptionally well for your athletic build. I learn from you all the time.