Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Stretchy Clothes

And hello there!! It's been awhile. Lots going on.  There was an unexpected death in our immediate family recently and hence I was in a complete fog and had to go home to be with family. It was a very emotional time, a very sad time.  

From there, went straight into a training camp we had planned.  I must say: I was physically ready for the camp but was emotionally exhausted. This was a whole other kind of hurdle to overcome.  At anyrate, I just spent almost 12 days doing nothing but cycling, running and swimming.  As you can imagine: I pretty much LIVED in nothing but what my mom calls "Stretchy Clothes".

Not much else to report other than a big garden that needs some extensive weeding since we've been away. Sorry for the lack of fashionable outfits but you get me unplugged.

PS. These new shoes I'm wearing look HUGE but they are very comfy- the new ultra distance runners shoes called  HOKA's.  I ran 80km in them with no problem, no soreness or anything!! They are awesome.

Hope you are all well.


  1. Oh, no, so sorry about the unexpected death in the family. I hope you're better now. It's good to see your face, even under these circumstances and in "stretchy clothes."

  2. I'm sorry I overlooked this post. I'm sorry for your loss. Death is hard to bear. Tomorrow, we're taking my mother-in-law off life-support (she's in a coma) and she'll pass within hours. I'm heading down there now. My sympathies to your family.