Monday, March 17, 2014

Straight Hair Day

My hairdresser said... (doesn't that sound so pretentious?) that he wanted me to try styling my hair so I can wear it down and straight.  I have some new Bumble and Bumble product and everything. VERDICT? Nope. No can Do.  I am an updo girl through and through.  If my hair is down it needs to be shaped around my face, not long as it pulls my already long face down.

Anyway, just my opinion and I won't be wearing it like this again anytime soon. PLUS I can't stand it flying around in my face.  Gets in a busy active girls way!! <stomp feet>  hah hah


  1. Love this look...the trench is fabulous!
    Of course your hair looks fantastic as well :)

  2. "Only her hairdresser knows for sure..." I believe you should wear your hair in whatever style you want. This is America!