Thursday, October 10, 2013

80's Flashback

New Blazer. I had this on my list last year and could not find the right boyfriend blazer to fit me. Low and behold I recently found this one on a sales rack. I love it however the minute I put it on I feel like breaking out singing Karma Chameleon.

Race season will be done after this weekend and I get to chill for about a month then get back into it. I'm going to be teaching TRX this year.  Have you heard of it? It originated with some knarly military guys getting stuck in the middle of nowhere for a long time with nothing to do so they put together a bunch of ropes and straps and made up some workouts to keep them fit while they were waiting for help to come.  Great story and if you do the exercises you get a killer bod too!!

Not much else to report today. Over n out. Hope you had a great day yourselves. J

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