Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Born in the Wrong Era

I can take a skirt off a rack that was made in the 50's, hold it up to me and know it will fit like a glove without trying it on.  10 out of 10 times this is what happens. Clearly. My body was made for the 50's.  I guess I am behind the times, or behind in an era. Anyway.  Another lovely red wool skirt got saved from the thrift store because of me.  $3.00 was not a bad price either.  I could barely buy and americano for that price.  I found a run down location down by one of the local boat ramps so thought it would be fun to pose there with all the knarly fisherman walking around.  Sorry there are none of these men in the photos but I wasn't brave enough to ask them to pose with me :0

Yes, and don't you love the plastic sport watch as an accessory.  I forgot to take it off after my workout this morning.. oh well. See, you can't take the sport out of the girl.  Not quite a total fashionista yet. Not sure if I ever will be, but that's worthy of a whole other blog post!!

Have a super day!! xo J


  1. Oh, that skirt is just gorgeous. Beautiful color and beautiful fit.

    I know what you mean about fitting into clothes from a different era. I fit 40s clothes fairly well, which is weird, and 80s clothes, which is less weird because at least I was alive then!

  2. The skirt is beautiful and the style is beautiful....a must in today's closet is a great red skirt...no matter what era it came from. Great job!

  3. LOVE how vibrant that red skirt is. Definitely looks like it was made for you.



  4. Lucky lady! I have a hard time finding vintage that fits me. That skirt looks great on you.

  5. Woow! Amazing skirt, dear~!




  6. I love your skirt. And the combination with your boots they arent really 50 ties but verry now:) so you are a pretty lady in this era. By by carina a tall lady too.

  7. That red skirt is perfection on you! I'm the same way, my hourglass figure would've worked perfectly in the '50s, whereas now I have to get things cinched in or this or that...so annoying! You look stunning.

    Alexandra xo


  8. Gorgeous skirt. And I love how you echo the color in your earrings.

    Let's jump into a time-machine and go back to the 1950's. We'll dress up in then-fashionable frocks and observe life go by as we drink tea at an outdoor cafe. I'll ask you about President Eisenhower and you'll tell me how creepy that Vice-President Nixon seems.