Thursday, November 29, 2012

All Black Office Attire

A great find at the thrift store- a very fitted black skirt and its even designer!!  I'm even wearing my favorite ring (handmade in Paris!!).  Very windy stormy weather today- made my hair a mess but oh well being in black still made me feel good!!

I also bought the cutest dress for an upcoming xmas party.  I have black light-suede ankle booties that I  will wear with some kind of chandelier  or tear drop earrings.  Can't wait!!

Hope you all had a great day!!


  1. I think all black is so stunning. Love that look.

  2. I love an all black outfit with just the right accessories! That dress is stunning and would be perfect for New Years Eve too with silver shoes!

  3. Love this look, Jodi. Always a fan of black. It's sexy, classic, versatile, and timeless. Love this look.