Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Patterns and Ruffles

Hello there. I was on a panel of experts this morning for work today and earlier this morning when I was getting dressed I asked my man " does this top look too loud?". He replied " um, it's a little BUSY, yes".  And I wore it anyway!!  And did I tell you that last week I was invited to a provincial planning meeting. I show up in my wraparound zebra print dress only to find out I am part of a big launch and a political announcement and will be on TV!!!  Well, amongst all those black suits I DID stand out!!!  LOL So today I thought what the h#ll, I am going to wear BUSY anyway.  Thrift shop outfit: shoes $8, skirt $5, top $3.  Not bad if you ask me:)

And then the intimate moment in the garden with our cat... not quite so easy to get a shot today.. see the struggle?  Too funny.

Anyway, hope all is well. I am still on the mend so am trying to take it easy and relax.  Thanks for the words of support everyone!! xoxo J


  1. Oh my gosh.. Love the idea that you are standing out in the sea of black suits with ZEBRA!

  2. Oh, any chance we could see a clip of your being on tv in the fantastic, stand-out dress?

  3. I think standing out this way is perfect...this is a gorgeous look in beautiful pictures!! I think both of those ideas are so much better than a stodgy suit look! You go girl...keep the fabulous coming! Also, I would love to see the clip as well!!!

  4. There's never anything wrong with standing out for being fabulous!

    Natasha ~

  5. I like the top. You have panache and the world needs to see it.

  6. NO not too loud, just too cute!!