Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Work from Home

Happy May 1! its May already?? Crazy!  I must admit I am lacking in creativity these days. My outfits are blah, my flare has become a dimly lit little spark.  It seems all my focus has been on 2 areas of life lately:  Work and Workouts.  We are undergoing some rather large organizational changes these days and its taken considerable time and focus on my part.  My outlet has been my training.  As you all likely know, I am training for an Ironman again this year so this equals a minimum of 12 hours per week of working out.  It's my saving grace and I love it, however, I can honestly say I have not done the best job balancing the other areas of my life of late.   Anyway.  This is a huge ornamental cherry tree close to our house and I got a nice casual photo of my 'work from home' outfit for you today.  Hope you like- the only makeup I am wearing is mascara and otherwise- what you see is what you get!!

Hope you are all well and here's to an awesome May.  Oh yeah, this morning a random peacock walked through our yard. That has GOT to be good luck!!!
xox J


  1. a random peacock....cracks me up
    good luck on your continued training
    so cool that you love to do this
    love those jeans btw

  2. best of luck with all your training!

  3. A peacock in your yard!? That's amazing!!! We just get the occasional deer :)

    You look great - best of luck with this busy time!!