Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Classic

I had a totally different outfit on this morning.. starting with the pants. I had an outfit in mind.. put it on and it was frumpy so then I pulled stuff from the closet.. big heap of discards on the bed and finally came up with this.  Very simple, yes, lots of  black.. but I like it. And the pants are comfy-- the boots are made for walking so I am one happy girl!!

And to start my week having an exceptional Monday: 1 hour yoga/weights, good strong americano coffee, organic grapefruit and egg whites for breakfast, brisk walk to work. Oh yeah, and feeling sassy in my outfit!

And, for a photo of Saturday night.. I am in the back (since I am tall).  Julie's dress was hot.. was totally made for her!!  Thanks to Benny for the group shot!!


  1. Great happy photo shots like this:)
    Im totally the same way regarding your outfit this morning....ummm yea, I start with one thig in mind...end up walking out in a total different color, hahaha! Your simple outfit is quite "groovy"

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  2. I wish I could walk to work!! I really jealous...and of the way you look...really great and NOT frumpy!!

  3. You look super fit! You make me wanna work out!

  4. You make us envious -- clothes look good on you not only because of the clothes but because they hang so well on you.