Saturday, August 20, 2011

Night Out

Happy Saturday!  I went out to a potluck last night so this is what I wore.  I debated on "do these jeans make me look fat"  but again I just remembered, its not usually the actual item of clothing that is responsible :)  That said, some things are definitely more flattering than others.   I do LOVE this cut of top though and it is on my "it suits me" list!!  Today we are hauling all the stuff you saw from Monday as well as all the other old branches and compostable  type stuff to the depot. AND THEN getting 2 loads of sea soil for our garden. So if you could only see me now (NO I am NOT posting a photo of it)-- my ragged old work shorts and tattered t-shirt. I am getting ready to ride in the big truck and work all day!!

Have a super day whatever you get up to!! xox J


  1. Love this outfit! Those jeans bring out your curves!! You look great!

  2. I really love the blue on you. This top fits you so well.

  3. Look at those arms! Wow, you look great in the top.

  4. I wish I looked that good in jeans.

  5. I would love to look that good in jeans and your arms are fabulous! So can you be my new trainer or recommend a good excerise to look like you! Love the print and cut of your top! :)

    Sorry I have been over to visit I'm going to work on being a better follower/friend! ;)

  6. Love the colors in your top... looking super cute for a potluck!
    I have been pulling brush around the yard so I am sure my current outfit is alot worse than yours. :)
    Fashion in the Fog: Moving Forward