Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blue Denim Dress

You know how Kendi does that thing with her legs?? Well I tried that in my first photo today and boy I dont' quite pull it off like SHE does!  But anyway.. people were walking down the street when I was taking these photos and I was thinking about what LyddieGal was saying yesterday about people asking her if she is a model.  That certainly does not happen to me. Instead they just stop and gawk.  They don't even try to be coy and watch from a secluded location. They stand there with their mouth hanging open and stare.  Now I know what a zoo animal feels like. Or a gold fish.  SHEESH!!

Anyway, I have conference  calls all day today so since I am going to be sitting on my big YOU KNOW WHAT (not chair), I wanted to be comfy for sounding ultra important expert-like on my calls.  So good day to you.. I will likely be visiting you while I am on my calls-- I am good that way... can multi-task :)

xoxo J


  1. I love the shape and style of this dress!

    I usually end up taking my pictures around my house, so usually there isn't much staring...I'm sure my neighbors are a little curious though.

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. This dress is fantastic.

    And today I was taking pictures at work and someone asked if we were taking them for online dating. So, no one thinks I'm a model either.

  3. super cute dress and the hair is looking fabulous!

  4. hahaha. I was thinking to myself "what's up with that first pose?" And then I read your comments and realized your face is concentrating very hard on getting your Kendi Leg Action going. You are hilarious. Her legs are freakishly thin. Yours are awesome and more suited for running, pedaling and kicking than standing in one place.

    Love the dress. It's perfect for conference calls.

    Today I built my entire outfit around Not wearing black shoes with my black pencil skirt. Instead red wedges and a red tank under my blue blouse. Hopefully it's more funky than patriotic.

  5. Maybe they don't ask...but you have the model pose down, girl!! I wouldn't worry about not looking like Kendi..just be the Jodi we know and love.
    I like the belt on this is a fun, casual style. (Practice the popular pouty look..maybe you will like that one!!)

  6. I can see the Kendi influence in photo number one. I'll have to get braver with my public photos before anyone makes a comment, snide or otherwise. Cute dress.

  7. Is that dress new? If so, do you mind sharing where you got it? I love, love, love it. It screams Doreen to me, well, Doreen and Jodi of course ;) Smashing as always my dear.