Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cycling to work

WHOA, I look Sleepy today!! is it just me or do you get bags under your eyes as you age?? WTF? LOL, guess I should have gone to bed earlier last night!!

I'm riding my bike to work more often these days rather than walking since I have alot of meetings around town to get to (Check out Sal on Wheels over at Already Pretty for a fun post on commuting).  Riding days dictate what I wear to work. I, unlike Sal, ride my bike in my regular clothes because I don't have far to go (can't be bothered changing).  Yesterday I wore a coral dress and when I rode my bike (in the dress). The wind ended up whipping the bottom of the dress almost up around my waist.. was pretty funny to see the peoples reactions from their cars as I rode past them.. heh heh. Some would say thats so "Euro".  First I pick the shoes (what  shoes can I easily ride in?) and then create my outfit around the shoes. As you can see today- flats and shorts. I am SO bored with my clothes right now. Sorry there is no outfit inspiration on this blog lately.  I guess you keep coming back for my...? humour? good looks? interesting life?  I have no idea! But those of you still visiting, well. It is MUCH appreciated. I know you don't just love me for my clothes!!

xoxo Jodi


  1. I miss the days when I could bike to work! That's a monster lavender you have. And yes, I keep visiting your blog for your wit and charm as well as outfits. Glad you blog! ;)

  2. I ride to work every day, and the windy days are definitely an adventure! I usually wear skirts with longer lengths or with something underneath but I have flashed unsuspecting strangers before.

  3. We come back for your personality. You're the kinda gal who'd ride a bicycle with her dress flying up in the air!

  4. kudos for riding to work, if we tried to do that around here, we would have to shower after we arrived wherever we ended up. lol

  5. props to your for riding your bike to work. I always mean to do that but always find some excuse not to. PS we all come back for you :)

  6. Beautiful blues. When my bags develop, I know I have spent too many hours on my computer.

  7. I'd love to be able to ride to work - but i'd totally have to change if i did, i'd be a sweaty mess!
    I think riding in skirts/dresses is awesome. I love that you were bold enough to do it!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. OMG! You are so funny! I totally know what you mean about been so uninspired by your clothes.

    I have always wondered about riding to work but I think I would have to bring my arsenal of spackel and heat styling tools to look presentable after a shower..LOL

    ~ Ad

  9. I wanna wanna ride to work too but I sweat like crazy!

    Babe, did I tell you're my inspiration?

    Bonjour, come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  10. If I was even half as athletic as you I'd be in good shape!

  11. I keep on coming back for your humor, and good looks every time! :)

  12. That explains why you're in such good shape, go you :) I need to drag my lazy bum off the couch more often!
    Love that blue on you & your necklace is a nice touch <3

  13. Well I'm here for you! :)
    You look great, and bags under our eyes are fine, as long as there Lois Vuitton ones :p

  14. Jodi, how fab that you are able to ride your bike to work, sounds fantastic. As for being bored with your clothes, it happens to all of us. I just went through that phase. Happy Friday!! xx veronika

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