Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad Girl gone Gamin

Humpday. This morning when I  got out of the pool my coach said " Are you going into a good day or a bad day at work today?"  My first thought was, "well, its all depends on my perspective". And then I said to him " its up to me", and he just laughed and said, " I knew you would say that Jodi".
As I walked to work I was thinking about how many people actually think its their circumstances that control how their day goes. That all the situations that life throws at you determine how your life will be. Not so in my opinion. No matter what happens we are the ones in the drivers seat of our lives. We are the ones that get to say how we are going to be in each moment.

So. That said, today I am a bad girl gone gamin. LOL, well not really but I have always liked the 50's fashion. So much so that in highschool I wore all funky retro clothes that I made myself.  I had tight pedal pushers and fitted blouses and even some cool old shoes from my mom.  I think I liked those styles since they were fitted and suited my body type. I would study old Vogue magazines and even had a huge collection of old Vogue patterns my grammy gave me. I made so many funky pants and outfits I almost went into fashion as a career. Because I lived in a small town everyone just laughed at me and expected that I would just marry a logger and live in a double-wide trailer on a nice little piece of property.  OHHHHHH not so! If they only KNEW!

Anyway, enough about me. You have yourselves a lovely day and I will be by for a visit later today!!
xoo J


  1. Um. You know what I read when I first saw the title of your post? "Bad girl gone Garmin". Lol!!! It tells I'm a runner, ey? ;)

    Glad you followed my advice (or at least I would like to think so) and chose blue again today. :) It brings out the looovely blue of your eyes....

  2. Great advice, Jodi....and you look great while writing it!
    It is so up to us how the day goes and how we respond to the people around us who so often mess up our day! The response to any situation we mgiht face is up to us!
    Athletes so often have great responses!!

  3. You're entirely right: it isn't what life throws at us that matters, it's how we react to that. We control our destinies.

    Love how good you look in pants/leggings. I envy that.

  4. These pics are beautiful and I love your wit! Looking great gal!

    Fashion in the Fog: Soaring

  5. I love this color on you....great bag.....may I just say that you are getting more gorgeous everyday? mwah!

  6. Hello Jodi! Looking gorgeous & stylish. I love the colour of your cardy, it's such a pretty hue on you. Fab look & I hope you're choosing to have a fabulous day indeed! ;-) x veronika

  7. i was the same way growing up...i wore my mom's old pedal pushers and pearl button cardigans! i love it. you look beautiful, that color really suits you! and those shoes add just the perfect touch!

  8. I love your outlook, Jodi (and your outfit, hehe - huge 50s fashion fan here, too). I feel the same way - I can't always control my circumstances but I can definitely control my attitude about them.

  9. I should have read this last week, I have been waking up in a bad mood. I now know I can change my day by just being happy for a new one! Love the 50's inspiration I always thought the 70's was cool, but maybe it's my afro talking! ;)

    Cute outfit!

  10. For sure! The first thing my FB profile says, since it was all people from high school looking me up, is "I'm everything you never thought I'd be." :D Yay for creating ourselves!