Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Pants ShaZAMMM

ShaZAmm!! KAPOWEE! Yes, who is the dork who realized half way through the photoshoot that I still had my sport watch on from my morning workout!! So, I thought I would have some fun with it. Yes it looks like a big kids plastic watch. Well let me say, this sucker is a high tech mobile that does everything except drive the bat mobile straight out of the garage!  I know what distance, speed, altitude and calories I burn on every workout with this baby. AND I can download all my workouts into a program on my computer to assess and analyze where I didn't work hard enough, or worked too hard.  It's pretty cool I tell ya.  And now maybe you know why I shop in thrift stores?  Yes, I spend copious amount of my hard earned cash on things like this and my new carbon fibre bike that I can't wait to photograph for you!!  No, seriously, thrifting is ultra fun and also a good ol sustainable way to buy clothes.

How are you liking my black and red week so far???  I am loving it actually. Am thinking about what I can do as a challenge for next week when I am back in Ottawa for the week!

Toodle doo for now.. off to a lunch meeting!!!  mwah! xoxo Jodi


  1. I love this - those pants are gorgeous on you!

  2. Nice, awesome, great, beautiful, lovely..haute..all of the above??
    Love the pants..and the watch is super cool lady!! You are looking smoking hot yourself!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  3. Those are fierce! Your waist is tiny! xx

  4. Love the wonderwoman pose. Re @dailyclothesfix you have to come to the uk!


  5. I love being on spring break...I can respond to blogs so bad it has to end! I love this outfit and I have a Chicos scarf just like this one, purchased at one of their outlets. With a few more pounds off, I might have to follow your looks so great!

  6. I love how your "accidental" watch goes with the look perfectly. Loving the black and red week.

    I see your camera has had a rest and is less tired today. I managed to recreate the other of your experiences yesterday by sinking into the field today in my 5 inch heels. Oops.

  7. Let me say those pants are fab on your
    Love the high waist and they fit you like a dream
    The watch is pretty darn cool too

  8. I am loving the black and red week. You look fab as usual!
    I have a watch just like that! It's awesome!!
    Cant wait to see pics of the new bike!

    Doctorly Fashion

  9. I love the belt. I need one of those watches. I wonder if it could tell me how many calories I burn at work. I'm trying to maintain my 40lb weight loss, and I want to make sure I'm eating the right amount of food. I'm loving your red, and black week. It's great inspiration.
    My Heart Blogged

  10. You look AMAZING here- total hourglass :) I wish my waist was that tiny. The red and black is so classic!

  11. Is everything in this look thrifted? If so, amazing. Love how you are OWNING the poses.

  12. So what's the color palette for next week, because I love this one. Great outfit and the animal print scarf is a nice touch!!

    ps. Thrift stores are the only places you can get GREAT pieces for a cheap price! WINNER!! :)

  13. I miss you! I've been so busy that I finally had to take a weekend off to catch up with my faves. You look dang hot, as always. You know what else? You should have been in Vegas with us! Start thinking about next year, darlin'

    xo, f
    The House in the Clouds

  14. Hello lovely :)!

    thanks so much for your comment :)!

    wow you´re looking so sexy. i like it :)! red is a lovely colour and you´re hair looks good :)

    Wish you a great day :)

    with love

  15. Loving your black and red week you look fab in those pants and so fit!

  16. Love the pants! You are smoking!!
    Like you, I too am a geek and would opt for spending on gadgets and toys as opposed to expensive clothes. Which results in a lot of trips to Value Village.

    An Ottawa themed challenge? I should be full of ideas, since I live here but... I'm coming up with nothing. Ottawa is still cold and the style of the majority is usually very conservative. So it will be nice to have a fashionista like yourself strutting down the streets of the downtown.