Monday, January 10, 2011

Lovely Ladies: Zan

My name is Zan. I work from home running a productivity consulting business. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, feeding my family, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite aprons. I have the beige one with a cow on it from a French market in Provence (we spent the summer there in 2010) and then an amazing Christmas gift this year from my mother-in-law a reversible hand-made (by her) apron.

The black short-sleeved sweater is a favorite for a number of reasons:
1) I bought it in Seattle at Anthropologie
 2) we had 10 minutes in the store as we had to go somewhere
3) I was a little frazzled but committed to finding something
4) grabbed this but thought it was too expensive
5) turns out it has been my favourite items all year and has come in handy in formal and casual situations
6) dress it up in 2 seconds with a fancy necklace
7) you can see it in the photo with my big red necklace that I love.

Since the kitchen is often my "home" I sometimes end up in crocks with wam hot pink striped sock, pyjamas, crazy scarf to keep warm and various tops to stay warm. NOT FEATURED as it's certainly no fashion statement - but I feel great in it (despite my daughter's grumblings). 

So there you have it. Some funky jeans, with a big star on the butt, some boots from groundhog, top from Anthropologie and my lovely apron! I am warm, cozy, feel great and acceptable if a neighbour drops by. And I do have a secret desire to be much more of a fashion statement and express myself more and that is coming soon! See the PS. 

PS - I am taking on a transformation in 2011 as I turn 40. Taking this hot body from 37% body fat to less than 25% body fat, and you may see me in a dress in the next update of lady of the month. You can follow my transformation at  and learn about my work at

* Photos compliments of Zan's daughter Sophia (good job Sophia!!!)


  1. HI are adorable:)
    Way to go on the goals for 2011...stick with it, youll do fab:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Come be a part of my new online fashion magazine!!♥

  2. The sweater is very chic. And aprons are always appealing: thanks for showing us yours.

  3. Hi! Lovely blog!! I follow you from Spain. Kisses!

  4. Awesome sweater. I love the knot!

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  5. Hi Zan, I love the sweater as well, the draping is so lovely! Good luck with your 2011 transformation!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Isn't Zan gorgeous!! she has the BEST smile of anyone I know.. and of course, the charm and personality to match... she is totally inspiring!! And of course I love the black sweater, but dont tell anyone I said that cuz I am supposed to be weaning myself off my black addiction!! LOL xox J

  7. Wow! That Zan chick is HOT!!! I'm in love!!

  8. I`m a neighbour of Zan`s and I can attest to the fact that she looks gorgeous and sassy all the time! Of course her natural good looks give her an unfair advantage in the fashion department, but we won`t hold that against her ;)

  9. heheh ok follow me

  10. Good call on the resolution, you'll feel fantastic:) You've got my support, I think you look great anyway!

    I love your description of what you wear when you're cooking in the kitchen. Cute cow apron, too! I'm hoping to sew an apron in the next 6 months. Yes, I'm giving myself way too much time.