Friday, December 3, 2010

Secrets #10-19

I got tagged by Kristen a few weeks ago and am tasked with answering the following questions.  Consider these secrets #10-19... oh you are getting to know me!!

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
A park ranger. I saw the Wilderness Family (movie) when I was really really young and I wanted to live in a tower in the bush on fire watch.  Of course when I got older and found out that BC Parks wasnt the way to get rich I forgot that idea..!

2.  Favorite childhood game?
Yahtzee!  My grammy would come over EVERY Sunday with her Yahtzee game. I was so young bu all I remember to this day is her voice exclaiming (very loudly) "YAHTZEE!!! "  and we would laugh and laugh EVERYTIME!!

3.  Most favorite birthday?
When I turned 20.  I was working in West Africa and I had a big party on the beach. That was cool.  I had goat meat and everything!!

4.  Something you have always wanted to do and haven't yet?
Marry Wayne Dyer.  We are still discussing the date.

5.  What was your first love?
hmmm, WHAT, not WHO? Dried apricots.  I went to school with a hippie kid who I used to trade lunches with. He wanted my white bread sandwiches and wagon wheels and I wanted his brown seed bread sandwichs with sprouts and the baggie of dried apricots.  I thought dried apricots were the cats meow!!

6.  First musical idol?
Michael Jackson.  I was going to marry him.  sigh.

7.  Favorite gift?
When I gave my mom a whitewater rafting trip for her 60th bday.  That rocked my world. Her and I rafted rapids for 3 days and it was sooo much fun.  She thought I was trying to kill her with water, but not true (really mom!!)

8.  If a theme song played everywhere I went what would it be?
James Bond theme song. For sure!! I consider myself a secret agent for the powers that BE :)

9.  Favorite city to visit?
SAN FRANCISCO!!  Unless of course you want to sponsor me to visit your city, then it would be your city :P

Thanks Kristen baby, that was fun.  Guys, check out Just When you Thought...  Kristen rocks the photography and she is just plain cute!!!  xoxo J

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  1. Fun to get to know you. Thanks for your comment. I took a look at your remix outfits and really love how you use colors and patterns. Very cool.

  2. Ottawa it is!

    My dear J,

    You are more than welcome to come to Ottawa and stay with me, how about during the Winterlude Festival when everything is white and bright?

    You know what's funny? When I posted that yesterday, I knew, I just knew that you KNOW exactly what to say, you always do.

    I think you are absolutely right, we set very high expectations for ourselves and in the end, we really just disappoint us! I used to teach 8-10 fitness classes a week, on top of a full time job and a part-time post-University course.. now, I can only do 2-3 a week and that felt like a big scale down and it shouldn't.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave me those kind and encouraging words J... I really appreciate it and I am looking forward to hosting you - anytime!



  3. p.s. You look so beautiful and relaxed in that photo!

    p.p.s. What kind of Canadian winter are you having? I want me some of that.. sunflowers too?


  4. lol.. this is an OLD photo.. hah hah.. is rainy and dark here now!!

  5. Awww..I love #4!! You've got a lucky man!!

  6. Hahaha nice to get to know you better....I heart Michael J too!!!

  7. You did it, yay! Thank you for answering them, it's always great to get to know my fellow-bloggers a little bit better! And I could totally see James Bond being your theme song!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Xoxo ♥

  8. LOL I use the james bond song (remix) for one of my spin classes.. I make them climb hills fast as if the bad guys are chasing them and then we go fast down the hills... is fun.. I love that song- especially the dance-y version!!!

    yes, me. secret agent.. LOL

  9. OOO thanks for the tag.
    I feel very special and honored!
    Will answer the questions soon.

  10. I am laughing so hard at you marrying Wayne Dyer. LOL LOL LOL..AND Michael Jackson. Think of what a rich widow you'd be right about now! Sheesh! Jodi, I thought you were a forward thinker?

    Oh didn't take that photo today did you? sneaky pete.

  11. Good, probing questions and interesting answers. Thanks for tagging me.

  12. Great to learn a bit more about you. Love these secrets posts.

  13. Oh what a fun way to get to know you, and MJ is definitely my all time favourite artist,sigh...