Friday, December 24, 2010

Daily Outfit: Road Trip

Alright!! What a wild looking van! We saw this at a coffee shop on our roadtrip so had to take a pic.  Very unique. I was curious about the owners of this van (which is actually an old milk truck) but never saw them.  Anyway, grabbed a coffee, snapped a photo and on our way... We have lots of snow where we are.  Last night even had a big bonfire with all the family around.  AND most of my family have made comments like " Wow Jodi, you are dressing very stylish", " I love your scarf, earrings, etc..." so that was cool to hear!!  No internet where we are staying so here I am at a coffee shop about 30 km away... am almost  going through internet withdrawl.. and also missing all of you.  I hope everyone has a super holiday with family and friends and I can't wait to see you all again in the next few days!!  Sending Peace and Love to all my awesome blogger friends.. it's been really awesome playing in cyberland with you all!!! MWAH xoxo Jodi


  1. Thank God! I didn't think I was going to get through another day without seeing what you're wearing. LOL. Hope you're having fun! And eating lots of salt and vinegar chips, lying on the couch and watching lots of movies! We miss you! Let's have dinner next week!! xoxo

  2. Very cute and that is a cool van I would have liked to see the owners too. :) Glad to see you are enjoying all the white stuff.
    By the way love the outfit...I am not so stylish when I am travelling.

  3. Whoa sure are dressed stylish!! You go girlie!! YOU ARE a sharp dresser lady jane:) Love the pics,especially the one in the travels...the merriest of Xmas Eve to you and yours...mwah!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  4. Great van - I would have definitely snapped some shots in front of it too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas - looking forward to catching up on the other side.

  5. Love the mermaid motif on the wild van. We DID miss you, glad you're having a great time with family:)

  6. Super cool van/truck
    Are you wearing a skirt,dress or tunic with jeans
    I am dying to know.

  7. Hi my beautiful friend!! I have missed you so and your blog!! I am glad that you are having such a fab roadtrip and keeping so stylish along the way!!!
    You are always so dang cute!
    Be safe!!!