Friday, November 12, 2010

Remix 4 and 5: Up Island

Day 4.  Yesterday.  Okay, let me just say that I didn't post this yesterday and I was so disappointed about that!!  We drove up island to visit the 'brother and sister in law' and we stopped and snapped some pics along the way and then when we got there, they lo and behold, had no internet connection for the night!  Boy it goes to show how addicted I am becoming!! :)  Anyway, a great spot part way up the island where there are lots of houseboats and a cute little village.  Fiance was the photographer for this one.

Remix Items: Long black sweater, black long sleeve t-shirt, skinny jeans, brown riding boots.
I love this sweater and the boots!!

And below is Friday (Today's) Outfit:

Day 5.  TODAY!! Yeah it's Friday!!  On our drive home we stopped at this really cute bakery. I wasn't exactly planning on it being a photoshoot and hardly have any makeup on, and my hair is all bed head, but you get Jodi Unplugged today!! LOL, have to throw in a bit of spontaneity here and there right?  The bread is organic spelt bread.  Fiance is totally into breads. Me I don't do gluten so it's all his.

Remix Items: Brown long sweater, skinny jeans, brown riding boots
Not alot different from yesterday but I packed light and to be honest, when I was picking my 30 remix items I wasn't thinking about days off or weekends.  I had it in my mind that these were only things I would be wearing to work.  SO, I dont have as much lounge/casual stuff as I may have planned for.  At any rate, thats the good thing about this challenge is it's going to stimulate new and perhaps unconventional ideas (especially as time goes on!!)

I feel abit out of sorts today. Like I don't know what to do with myself.  Not a usual feeling for me, but guess all there is to do is ride it like a wave.  Hang 10 buddies.  I am going to surf the day away.  Love ya ladies, happy mixing and happy Weekend!! xoxo j


  1. I love your scarf!
    Even with basics tyou still look fabulous!
    Did you see that I started a Canadian Cuties Feature? I think you should submit because I'd love to feature you!!

  2. I love these pictures, and I really like how you mixed black and brown together in the 1st outfit!

  3. Dammit! I don't know how you do it! Those are both amazing outfits! fantastic! Are you telling me your 30 for 30 doesn't include pajamas? Well Jodi, looks like you'll have to spend more time naked. I'm sure Fiance will love that!! just be sure to close the curtains. :-)

    I love love LOVE the scarf too!!

  4. lol... I would say pj's count as accessories, those things we dont have to count.. hah hah... yeah sure Rita.. more time nekkid.. yes, fiance would surely be smiling about THAT!! lol

  5. I also forgot to include more casual wear so I might remix my one comfortable dress the most! I love your sweater though, it looks perfect for curling up on the couch with a book and a cup of coffee.

  6. Love the pics Jodi....I think you look great in both outfits.....your fiance did a fab yes, its kudos to him:)

    How cool you found a new spot to snap the pics looks rustic and welcoming.....:)

    Great job!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Be a Part of My Twitter Tuesday!!

  7. I'm loving your Thursday look, especially those boots and great backdrop!
    I know how you feel when you don't have internet -- it's so awful how truly dependent we've become!

    And if that is your bed hair, you are one lucky woman, because you look gorgeous.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Love the punch of wildness (that fab scarf) to a monochromatic look! Those boots are gorgeous!!


  9. Those brown boots are amazing, they fit well and give the outfit a bit of an edge. Great outfits for the 30x30 challenge so far :]

  10. Hi Jodi,
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I love your style (especially those gorgeous riding boots!) and can't wait to see what you come up with next for the remix!

  11. Like the Friday outfit... LOVE the one with the scarf! I usually have an "issue" with necklaces combined with scarves, but surprisingly... I don't hate it here. Looks good!