Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Outfit: French Forest

Salut!! Bonjour!!  Je suis dans la foret.  Hi, Hello!  I am in the forest!!  Ohhh don't I sound sooo french?
Well today's picture was taken during my lunch break with no tripod.  I was walking along a trail and found  something to prop the camera on so this is abit like SurvivorMan or something- making due with what I've got.  I love this tunic sweater because I love the color.. I feel like a grape today.  I feel like a french grape!!  Our meeting today rocked! It was so awesome and I also got to post some comments on a few of your blogs at the same time.. (heh heh sneaky me :).   I am off to go downtown to Old Quebec tonight all alone with just me and my tripod and camera and maybe a few daylight hours to look around.
What I am super excited about is that our next big research meeting is going to be in... drumroll....
New Brunswick!!  Won't THAT be cool?  I can't wait!! East Coast Canada here I come!!  I love my job.  I work with amazing and inspiring people and I get to travel to some really great places all across the country.  I am so happy!  Oh, yeah and I get to wear great outfits too!!

Love ya, xox j


  1. I wish I could travel with my job, it sounds so exciting

  2. Beware of the wolf little blue red hood ! You sound absolutely french my dear ...

    Profite bien de ton séjour à Quebec (enjoy your trip in qc city !)

    Caro xxx

  3. Can't see it too well but I think the purple and cognac must look great :)

  4. Bonjour Mademoiselle! (Moi, je deteste ma faire appeler Madame!)

    Ouais, j'adore ton tunic! Alors, s'il vous plait ma dit about your wonderful job. It sounds amazing, with all these travels and inspiring people?



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  5. The background is gorgeous! And I really like the purple sweater!

  6. Your a hot grape! Ha ha! Look at those gorgeous trees with no leaves, such a great location!

    I learned about exposure, composition, depth of field, the rule of thirds (Whatever the hell that means!) as of right now I'm learning Aperture and Shutter, I have to take pictures of moving objects and try to stop them. I'm confused about it all, I'm one of those people that hate learing, I like to go out and do it. But I think I'm getting the hang out it- I hope. Everytime I'm in class I'm so impatient, I just want to go take pictures!
    And on Friday I am going on a little field trip with my class to this place called Spring Island to take pictures of wildlife, I can't WAIT!
    You take such amazing pictures! I wish I manual had more then only 60 pages.. I don't know what's up with that! Grrr.
    And Mum's name is Laura, I'm trying to get her Blog all together so she can start posting!