Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to Wear Ideas: Booties

I love the booties and skirts look.  And I have told myself that I can't wear them because I have thick ankles (supposedly a fashion no-no for me- SIGH).  However, yes, thank goodness somewhere, anywhere, there is a HOWEVER (I am saved!!!) I am reminded of an excellent post by Angie of YouLookFab that has made me determined to find a cute little pair of booties to keep my skirts company. 

For those of you who may have not considered getting on the bootie train, you may want to read: "Wearing booties with skirts and dresses".


  1. I love these hunnie...anything thats different...I seem to pick out, lol
    PS..I just pulled the scarf tighter in my outfit post, lol....its not that tight during the loosens should try it...its fun to wear!!

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  2. Wow, I love these because the little details like that bow makes them super cute! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Cute colors! I own a pair, but I hardly wear them. Thanks for the luv on my blog. Your so sweet and funny!


  4. I found the cutest one at Hush puppies last winter but ended up not buying them as they were surprisingly not comfy....sigh....
    Hope you are enjoying your stay, hubby would like to run a Marathon next spring ( he's just done 21 km until then...) : iron man makes me shiver just thinking about it !

    Caro xxx

  5. Ohhh..I bought the most fabulous pair of Rocket Dog booties (western style) from DSW in San Francisco when I was there a couple of weeks ago. And I finally wore them yesterday. I broke a sweat putting them on, given there are no zippers or openings or such (imagine!) but they sure did look fabulous when I put them on. with my black leggings and my cream coloured long sweater from Old Navy! (Oh dear, I've turned into one of those people who has to tell you where I bought something). LOL.

    And Jodi..I have thick ankles..If I can wear booties..YOU can wear booties!

  6. Hi Ladies.. funny, the pic of the booties arent mine.. I just added the pic to funky up the post.. although I do like the colors.. YES, I have to find some funky ones soooooonnnn!!

  7. My red booties are my favorite thing in the whole world!

  8. Booo with that fashion rule, who says that?! I'm still searching for the perfect booties, 4 weeks now, still nada!


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  9. I love these booties. I especially love how they dip in the front. So cute, I'd go for the plum!

  10. I'll take one of each color... size 8 please!! ;-)

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