Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Outfit: Rainforest excursion in the rain

So, the rain part wasn't planned, hence wearing nothing but a Lululemon workout top and some running shorts.  A spontaneous hike up the backside of Waipi'o Valley was the highlight today with a wash n wear theme for the outfit today :).  A jock looking visor that shades my face is certainly no fashion statement, but it keeps the frizzy hair out of my face!  This was a great little hike, only about 4 miles and through bamboo forest and then through about 2 other different ecosystems, saw wild turkeys and got totally soaked by the rain. The contest today is: See if you can spot Jodi in picture #2.  The first person who does wins a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts!!

Hah hah.. I am only joking about the nuts, do you actually think I could travel back with a bag of chocolate mac nuts and not eat them myself???   Anyway, I AM in pic #2 and I AM waving at you!! 
Cheerio for now! j


  1. I SEE YOU...a tiny little dot waving, lol...enjoy the rest of your time there babes!

  2. Lower right of the first quadrant!
    -- wait, there's no nuts?? Rats.

    That lush scenery looks amazing! What a fabulous trip you are on!

  3. Stunning setting! I'm so jelous ha-ha. Could just about spot you x

  4. Haha! I think you appear as a tiny dot amidst all that greenery. Central left? Any nuts for me?!

    Looks like fab trip so far. Keep enjoying and taking beautiful photos so I can live vicariously through you!

  5. you ladies are too cute!! When I got fiance to take the pic I didn't think I was THAT far away.. like, really good outfit shot.. lol

  6. Ha ha! I would totally dismissed the second photo as just a scenery shot but you are so in it, you fit and athletic woman you!


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  7. hehe...I see you!! You're very little in that jungle!! Sounds like your trip is going well!

  8. mmmm those chocolates are so good from hawaii lol. Are lava tubes not one of the coolest things ever? I went into one in Oregon, so cool. Did I mention they are cool? :P