Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Outfit: Getting Settled

Aloha!! Today we swam 30 min of the race course (ocean waves GALORE!!), then did a run through lava trails. It's so humid I just want to live in shorts and tank tops- BUT I have all these great outfits to wear just for the blog :) so I have to figure out when to wear them!! Part of the trouble is this is an exercise focused holiday so fitness clothing is the most important.  At 6:30pm the sun just disappears at the snap of your fingers.  I had to play with the camera for this night shot.. a casual comfy babydoll t-shirt dress for a homemade dinner at the dome home tonight.  I have funky jewelry to go with it but kept it simple instead.  Down below, my best pic of the day.  I need an outfit with these colors!!!


  1. Amazing that you got to run through lava are fit!!and swim in the ocean...that's MAJOR!! And great look beautiful!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  2. yayyyy for you guys...I can only picture the ocean hunnie....lovve your outfit...stay comfy while you are there babes..I know how hot that heat can get:)

    Have some sushi for me!!

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  3. OMG I can't believe you did all that physical work!! Woo girl! I am going to go run today I swear! LOL That really is amazing and the waves in Hawaii are HUGE!!
    Love the black dress, you can never go wrong with your LBD!!


  4. Wow! I LOVE your photo of the little gecko...That is amazing colour! Nice work!! And I can't wait to see what you do with those outfits when it's so hot there! hee hee...Nothing like putting yourself to the test is there? All in the name of the blog.

  5. What a lovely black dress. The LBD really does go everywhere!

  6. Oh A-LO-HA indeed to that HAWT little black dress of yours!


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  7. I adore the last shot -- what vibrant, lovely colors. So beautiful.

    xo Julia

  8. Wow that little gecko? is so adorable! What pretty colors, jealous that you are in the sun!