Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily Outfits: IMC

Just got back from doing Ironman Canada.  Here's a snapshot of what I wore over the past week:
We were gone for a week, stayed at a ski condo up in the mountains where it was nice and quiet- to stay out of all the hulla balloo of all the anxious athletes downtown.  When we were driving to the race package pickup I saw the graffiti wall and couldnt resist.. out came the tripod and did some jumps (got some good ones of me and the fiance together as well!!).  Then Sunday was the big race. It was the best one I have had, the time went by fast and I had tons of fun.  I am wearing the 2010 Space Blanket just a mere 5 minutes after crossing the finish line. Perhaps I can make it into a vest or skirt for the fall season- I hear silver is still in.

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  1. Jodi! I have missed you! Thank goodness you are back. Lots of big things happening over in my world/blog as well. Come see come see! AND I love love LOVE all of your photos! And congratulations on the BEST RACE EVER!! And..well hell you look good in shiny silver!