Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Outfit: What's over There?

This is the coolest top. You can wear it like a cowl neck, or a wrap, or as a hood. The other shots that would show you  this  didn't turn out because I was hurrying. There was a group of Japanese Tourists coming toward me in the park and I didn't want to be a Canadian specimen for their photo albums back home.  I was inspired to break out the leggings after the post on leggings the other day and have been thinking about the leopard or animal print tights I HAVE to HAVE.  Yes, I have a one track mind today. Animal print tights and I will mow down anyone or anything in the way of me getting them.. Ha ha.  What fashion items do you have a one track mind about?


  1. Boots boots boots, lol....LOVE THEM!!

    You look great in that top the front of it....really awesome pic too!!!

    Yayyyy for Friday!!

    Have a fabulous day!
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  2. I really love this! The top is amazing...I love super drapey versatile! My one track mind was stuck on a pair of casual wedge Shooties for Fall/Winter...I had found some at Aldo...tried them on, loved them, didn't want to pay $110 because they were leopard...spent the next month trying to find them or similar ones online (since I live no where near a mall)...finally Aldo posted the shoe online...and 2 days ago I ordered them, and now I'm going to Calgary to go shopping, so I coulda just bought them at the store, but now I have to wait for them to ship to me...that's what happens when you have a one track mind..haha

  3. oh my goodness...hahaha..I wrote leopard instead of one track mind got stuck on your leopard leggings apparently...hahaha

  4. hah hah thats funny Natasha.!! I know what its like when you don't live near any good shopping (I used to live in the interior) and the best place to go at that time was Spokane, WA.. and there was not much internet shopping either.. hmmm maybe you need to get some Leopard Tights too!!! if you see any in Calgary let me know!! :)

  5. I Love this sweater top and it does seem very versatile. The colors are nice too, what a great style!! This is totally 'A Me Outfit'!!