Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily Outfit: Trying to copy a copy

Alright. I saw an outfit on Kendi that was a copy of  Vanessa and I really liked the outfit. Hmmm what can I do to copy this?
1.  They have long hair, mine is short so no luck there (for a few years anyway!
3.  I am clearly alot bigger than both of them. Oh well. Okay so no chocolate tonight :)
2.  I can't wear the boyfriend blazer.  For the hourglass figure open jackets do not work (and besides I got rid of my long blazers in the 80's.  So I had to go with a sweater, green one at that. With a few buttons done up to give some shape.
3.  Leopard Skirt-- Well, Vanessa's is animal spotted, Kendi's is kindof Flintstone spotted and mine is more like 60's circles.. so kindof close :).  Fitted skirt- bonus for my body type.
4.  Shoes- Vanessa's black flats- I don't do flats with skirts- My legs are too muscular and with large ankles it  looks like I stopped and crushed the heel down. Oh No.  Kendi's shoes- well I don't have nude or camel pumps so went with the neutral slide
5.  I don't live in Texas (Kendi) or an Australian living in London (Vanessa). Instead I live about 1/2 km from the Mile Zero marker in Victoria, BC.

And half way through the day I am reminded of how I do not like wearing sweaters like this. All I can say is Frumpy. That's how I feel in this sweater so it's good to note in terms of things to get rid of or keep for the 'feel good' factor.

What clothes do you have that give you the "Feel Good" Factor?  Those items that you know look good on you and you naturally feel good in? (Collette- I bet the answer is Jewelry. Period. End of Story :)


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. The main concern is keeping the camera dry - I am more waterproof. :-)

    Love this outfit on you. Great colours and a fantastic skirt. I love how the fashion circle continues with everyone sharing ideas.

    PS You're on 20 followers now.

  2. Jodi! THIS CRACKED ME UP! HA!! First of all...can i please just say HOORAYY!!! YOU'RE SMILING!!!! IN A PHOTO!! AND IT'S A GREAT PHOTO!!
    I was thinking that green sweater looks great on you. The colour is fabulous!! And the belt pops out . FANTASTIC!! This is one of your best posts! Seriuosly! SO GREAT!

  3. This is such a gorgeous combination - I love it!!

  4. Love this look. So simple and fashion forward. The sweater looks just as great as Kendi's Blazer. Copies are fun. I copy Anthro with stuff from my closet.


  5. The skirt and heels are very cute. You don't look entirely comfortable in the sweater, so perhaps something else would work better in its place.

  6. Hi babes....you are too funny....I love this outfit, truly I do...but you have to be comfortable IN it:) I was actually thinking of maybe putting the belt on the OUTSIDE of the sweater....it would make it feel less like it was frumpy and falling off you:)and of course...I couldnt leave this post without saying chunky gold jewelry, lol...there...pfew...got it out:)

    Love ya doll!!!

    Have a Fantastic Day!!!
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  7. Different, but still awesome!
    I love your skirt so much, and I agree with you on the heels.
    I do like the simplicity of the original. It's chic because it's subtle, all neutrals (what? leopard is a neutral!).

    I'm more likely to add loads of color and accessories.

    Feel good factor... hummm this would probably be a dress. I don't know that it would be one specific dress, just any one that isn't fussy and draws attention to all the right places.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Hi Jodi!

    What a lovely skirt! I really thought it was an animal print at first, so I think it works just as well. I feel best when I am wearing boots, they are just more comfortable and I feel free to do whatever in them.

    Yay for you being on the island! BC girls represent (in sorts? :P )

  9. You look sooooo fabulous!!!
    That skirt is soooo rockin! and so are you!!!!!
    xox Big kisses
    xo Beckerman Girls


  10. i think the green really adds to the the look a lot! i'm not sure about your 'a lot bigger' comment, it's making me a little sad because beauty & fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes. I'm not a stick either and I don't want to be but I admire them all. It's just like, I dunno-- about finding what works for you and I think the right blazer can change a woman, maybe you just haven't found yours yet!

  11. I love this outfit. I really like the deep green cardigan which by no means do I think looks frumpy. I disagree about the belt over the sweater, unless we are talking about a real skinny belt. Belts this season are very much IN STYLE if they are either real wide or real skinny/thin. Love the skirt.

    And now I am going to check out the other 2 fashionistas to see how "you copied" them. ;-)

    Take Care and remember to visit me, Ada. =)