Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daily Outfit: Scramble

What a scramble this morning!! I went to be late last night and didn't plan out any outfits, fall outfits that is. I went off to Bikrams Yoga first thing this morning and when I got home ended up with an explosion of clothes all over my bed after rummaging through the closet trying to find something weather-appropriate while also trying to get ready and to work ontime.  The first few attempts resulted in frumpy pants (all my pants are too big now and saggy in the arse) or one of the boring ol non-descript outfits I used to wear.  ALAS, Bombshell always works for my body type so I was proud to put this together in a mere few seconds.  Apologies for the backdrop as well.  I guess now I need an outdoor overhang or some fantastic patterned umbrellas for my photos.


  1. I LOVE that skirt! And the red belt goes so great! And check out your runway model stance! I need you to show me how to stand like that...how about when I come over (or when you come over) for your cell phone/facebook tutorial..you give me a "how to stand sexy" tutorial? xoxo

  2. whoa lady...you are haute in this!!! You look fabulous!!!

    I hate mornings like that...I just feel rushed for the entire day:(
    Hope you get to bed early tonight doll:)

    and thanks again for the blogger award, you are toooo sweet to me!!!! MWAH!

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