Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Outfit: Need some Pop

You will never catch me with a pop that's FOR SURE.  I stay away from the stuff.  Apparently I stayed away from pop for this outfit today too.  After I saw the photos I realized I didn't add anything to highlight or make this pop. Well, live and learn.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots though and I really adore wearing them with shorter skirts and can't wait to buy a few new pairs on my upcoming trip to San Francisco.  These Fryes are cute- chunky and abit bad a$$ if you ask me...

I am curious to know what kind of boots you have or want to buy for this Fall/Winter season? What do you think is hot?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pink mid calf boots (lace up with a zipper) that I bought earlier this year in the UK, (black one's to match as well!), and I love love LOVE my soft as butter flat pull up brown leather boots as well that I found by a miracle at DSW in San francisco a few years ago. Durable those suckers are!! But I am huge fan of black patent leather boots..any shape, size, height, type..Love love LOVE them! Sexy as all hell.

    This year, I'm on the look out for a great pair of black lace up just above the knee if I can find them. and you're right...the one's you are wearing are bad a**!

  2. I love the jean dress.....and the boots are divine:)

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  3. This outfit is ral cute and I love the boots. I want a pair of Frye boots by the way, like a brownish-beige color. They look rugged and well-worn, a bit masculine but go great with dresses like a shirt-dress, a sweater dress, frills and some lace peeking from underneath the skirt, to mix the masculine with the feminine. I can use a pair oif cowboy boots too. And I want a new pair of riding boots, flat heels, in a luscious leather in a color like Cognac. =) Last but not least I want a pir of peep-toe black boots in like Suede. =)