Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sir DJ Mixalot

In the name of having fun, I thought I would try a trial run of pattern mixing.  This is a result of having nothing but a plain pink t-shirt to wear with this skirt so I began playing around with other options.  The first word that popped into my head was Sir DJ Mixalot.   Now, I didn't listen to this DJ, but for some reason I know his name and it seems appropriate given the attempt at mixed patterns.  If you ask me, Kasmira of What I Wore Today is the queen of pattern mixing.  She rocks it out like no other.  YouLook Fab also has some great tips on Pattern mixing for beginners  ( I think I did it right!!).  And Audi at Fashion for Nerds also has endless mix ideas.  I felt like dork when I first left the house (and imagined that people would be pointing me out like in the picture above), but instead something very cool happened.  The first person I saw this morning (my Chiropractor) said " Wow Jodi, you look GREAT".. and then when I stopped to get an Earl Grey tea on the way in to work a guy said "Do you ever have fashion sense-- I see dots"- (side note: I think that guy wasn't all  there).  But at any rate.. I did get 2 unsolicited compliments.  Stay tuned for more adventures of Pattern Mixing in the coming months.  (Rita: do you recognize this location????)


  1. i love the mix of patterns! good for you!!!! I would never have the courage to wear patterns like that together...well..i mean until now.

    and the location? no...should I?

  2. its not far from your house actually.. keep you eyes peeled when you drive home and see if you can see it...