Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Outfit: I love bombshell

Grammy always told me I was lucky to have such good 'child-bearing' hips.  Nice and curvaceous. This body type is perfect for Bombshell.  Well known bombshells are Marilyn, Brigette and Scarlett.

Bombshell wardrobe must haves:
  • pencil skirts
  • pedal pushers
  • fitted short jackets
  • tight, knitted tops
  • full length gowns
  • leopard print
  • narrow stripes
  • fake fur
  • satins
  • sequins
  • lots of PINK

Other tips: accentuate your waist and wear sexy heels, luscious lips, curls and heck, you could even make a fake mole on your face!

Here kitty kitty kitty.. come here my precious...

I do have to say I have always LOVED the 50's to late 60's curvy styles and am SO happy that high waistbands and fitted clothing is in.


  1. hee are getting more and more creative..and funnier and funnier with each post. i love it!!

  2. Hi Jodi, how are you this lovely Sunday morning? It is a gray, dreary chilly September morning here in Michigan today.

    So I woke up and I am reading ALL of your blogs from the beggining and I love what you write. I love the humor, life, advise and charisma you add to each and every blog. Also, thank you for all the fabulouus advise, tips and ideas, as well as other blogs you happen upon, that you decide to share with us.

    So far I can tell that Black, White & Red are your favorite colors and color combo to wear. I must say you look great in a pair of white pants (or capris, or shorts) and the wide red belt suits you.

    I loved the post about the Turquoise Jewelry too and agree with what you posted.

    OK, Hope we can stay in touch. Check out my blogs from the beginning if you can so you get a better sense of me and who I am. =)

    Take Care, Ada.